Online Surveys for Money For Uk Residents in 2016

Online Surveys For Money UK

Online Surveys For Money UK

Are you from UK? Searching for online surveys for money UK? Or you are looking for the easiest ways to make money online from UK? If yes, we have got you covered!

Online Surveys for Money UK

Here we shall show you all the online surveys for money UK, how to avoid scam websites that claim to offer online surveys for money and also how you can make huge money online through online surveys.

Online surveys for money is one of the simplest and easiest ways in which anyone, anywhere in the world can earn some cash.

Yes, it is really true

Anyone anywhere in the world can make money right from home (or anywhere that they choose to!) Yes, though you may not believe it, it is 100% true that no matter what age you are or what you do or what you do not do or where you live in the world, you can make money by doing surveys.

How is it possible to answer surveys and make money? The world is changing and to keep abreast with these changing times, companies are always coming out with new products and services. But it is not easy to launch a new product or service.

So how can you complete online surveys for money?
How do you think companies launch any new product or service? They just do not spew out anything in the market without knowing for sure that they are making the right decision in introducing that product or service in the market.

Do you know the secret? Do you know how companies make fully sure that they have a good product or services that they can release in the market? The answer is simple – they get all the answers from you. How?

When you answer online surveys for money?

Yes, these big companies are actually getting all the answers that they want – from you! Whether you believe it or not, it is the truth – that is what surveys are all about.

For instance, let us say there is a company that wants to introduce a new brand of coffee in the market. Now, they cannot just go and launch that coffee without knowing more about the likes and dislikes of coffee lovers.

And this is where you cash in

This is how you earn money – by answering surveys. The company that is launching the brand of coffee will want to know lots of stuff. They would want to know stuff like: What kinds of coffee do you like best? What brand of coffee are you currently using? Where do you buy your coffee from? How much do you pay for your coffee?

The list of things is just endless. But the good part about this is that the more the questions in the survey, the bigger it will be and that means – the more you will be paid for answering that survey.

And it’s easy

The real good part about answering surveys for cash is that it is so very easy to do this work. All you have to do is go by your experience and answer the questions that you are asked and – you get paid to do this.

It really is so simple to do this work that anyone of any age, living anywhere in the world can do it. And the best part is that you do not need any qualifications – just a PC and an internet connection and you will be able to answer oline surveys for money.

The Scam Problems

Unfortunately, not all online surveys for money are legitimate as they make us to believe. Majority of them may deny you payment after putting all your efforts to complete online surveys with them. To avoid this, you must follow this advice:

How to Avoid Online Surveys Scams

Do not pay to join. To complete Online surveys for money is free everywhere online. You are even doing the website and market research companies a big favor by deciding to spend your precious time doing online surveys which is why they pay you. So, there is no reason whatsoever that will warrant you paying for online surveys before earning money. Any website that request for a fee is scam please steer clear of them.

Look for contact information. Legitimate survey sites will provide you with a postal address (not just a PO Box and/or an email address) and will define their legal jurisdiction in disclaimer or one of the other legal documents. If that information is not provided, don’t trust them.

Research the website. Whenever you found a website or company that claims to offer online surveys for money in Uk or any part of the world make you do a scam research about the company before joining. You can do this by visiting Google and type in “Name of website + scam”. This will bring out all the complaints and feedback from members concerning the website, whether they get paid or not. If there are lots of bad complaints, it shows that they are not sincere, and not worth your time.

Do a whois lookup on the domains name to see who really owns them. How many websites they own and whether they are frequently changing hosting companies and domain names. If they do, they are scam.

Income guarantees – there is definitely no way anyone can guarantee you a specific earning per, hour, day. week or month from taking paid online surveys because you are the one controlling how many of the ones you are offered that you actually take or qualify for.

Do they have payment proofs? This is a good way to know if an online survey site is actually paying or not. Just a little payment proof research on google should be able to show you if there is a payment proof for that particular website or not. If you happen to find none then steer clear. It is a good sign of lack of payment and scam.

Outrageous Payment testimonials – while it is highly possible to earn extra money doing paid survey, you will not make a fortune for just a few minutes of work. Sure Survey taking is an easy work but you are not going to be paid $20 or $30 dollars every minute for your time. Many testimonials are written by paid scammers, unscrupulous professional writers and also outright criminals. Don’t believe their lies.

Employee Cheques – most of the “Cheques” are bogus or are the exception rather than the rule.

Read the privacy policies, terms of use or condition, disclaimers, about us, etc. If a privacy policy and a disclaimer are not provided, run. Legitimate businesses will provide a privacy policy and a disclaimer to avoid being sued by their clients.

How to Make Money with Online Surveys

You can make money online by completing the online surveys that are offered to you. To be able to complete online surveys you need to join an online surveys for money UK and complete a detailed profile which will be used to determine whether you qualify for a particular online survey or not.

How much money can you make?

Anyone can make some additional money by taking online surveys. To make more money for surveys you will need to take as many online surveys as possible ever month. An average payment for a between 15 to 20 minute survey is about $5 dollars. If you take one hundred surveys per month you could possibly make $500 per month. The major problem will be getting up to 100 surveys to complete each month.

The strategy highly recommended by people who do earn a nice extra cash is to join several paid online survey sites so you can increase the number of online survey offers that you receive. Then you will need to take every online survey that come your way because the more online surveys you accept from a company, the more online surveys they will offer to you to do. In fact, they will even ask you to take part in a virtual focus group, which usually pay more than $100. Obviously, the more online surveys you do the more money you can make.

If you are quite lucky enough to be a member of a consumer groups that qualify for higher priced online surveys or if you are asked to be a member of a virtual focus group, you can make even more money.

Completing surveys can be fun. And also, it can also be a rewarding online experience because you’re being given a chance to influence the next generation of consumer products and services by offering your opinions about what features you desire as well as how much you may be willing to pay for each of them.

How to Determine the Best Paid Online Surveys for Money UK

As you may know, a lot of the online survey websites are out right scams. So, what should you look for the best paid online surveys for money UK websites?

Quantity of surveys available – no paid online survey site can offer you with a specific number of online surveys for you to complete because the companies paying for the online survey have a minimum requirement about who can complete the online surveys and also you have to fit all those requirements in order to be offered the survey. Choose a website or list of websites that make reasonable claims.

Length of surveys – online surveys can take about 15 to 20 minutes up to a few of hours to complete. Ensure sure that the estimated length of time required to complete the online survey is clearly stated so you can be able to decide whether the payment offered for it is worth the time it will take to complete.

Payment method – you will need to decide if you want to receive cash money or are willing to accept points which can be used for gift cards, prizes, online shopping and at times can be exchange for cash. Personally, I’d rather get real money.

Good customer support –ensure sure the paid survey site has a reliable way of letting you tell them whenever you have a problem most especially with your earnings. A live chat or phone call number would be best. But, an email address as well as their online helpdesk which they really respond to is ok too. You will definitely want to get paid on time as well as get the correct amount.

List of Online Surveys for Money in Uk is one of the online websites that offer online surveys for money UK. You can be able to register with MintVine quite quickly through using of your Facebook account, or you can also sign up the traditional method, by using your e-mail address.

Their Rewards
When your account earn up to 1000 approved points which is equal to$10, you may redeem your points for money paid to you via PayPal or Dwolla. Alternatively, you may ask for a gift code to Amazon, Target, as well as other retailers. Redemptions take up to forty-seven hours to process.

Points for Every Survey Disqualifications
You will receive 5 points credited to your account whenever you are disqualified from taking a survey.

Their Referral Program

Make 15% from every friend’s future earnings on all the online surveys as well as offers. Your unique referral link will be listed in your account. Once your friend take their first online survey, you will also get a 50 point bonus worth $0.50.

The Survey Lengths

Majority online surveys usually take between 10-20 minutes to complete. The estimated time of completion will always be listed on the survey.

Daily Polls

Everyday, sign into your account to get 5 or even more points for carrying out a quick poll are available in your MintVine dashboard. You may complete one poll for every 24 hours to accumulate the extra points. In addition, you may make an extra twenty-five points for each 10 polls you carried out during a Poll Streak opportunities.

Earn Additional Points with Local Deals

Local Deals offers are businesses that offer great deals alongside earning bonus MintVine points if you decide to make a purchase. These opportunities are also listed in your account dashboard.

How to Redeem Your Points
As soon as you have made a minimum of 1000 approved points equal to $10 worth, a redeem button will become active or clickable in your “Current Earnings” panel. You can then decide a cash payment option or request for a gift card.
Eligibility: UK, Canada, US residents 13 and above is yet another company to take online surveys for money from UK. Their online surveys are usually via email and also last between 1 and 5 minutes for the shortest online surveys, and a maximum of 25 minutes for longer surveys. Occasionally, phone interviews, focus group, web cam online surveys, video diaries as well as bulletin board opportunity also arises

Rewards for each Survey

Rewards differ from $0.40 to $10 while some special online surveys such as offline diaries as well as product trials typically reward between $5 – $30 each. Amounts will be processed in your local currency.
You can request for a PayPal payment method with a minimum account balance of: $12.50 for USA, $17.00 for AUS, /8 GBP for UK, RM 40 for Malaysia, PHP 350 for Philippines, etc.

Eligibility: You must be 16 and above to join.
At this time they are only looking for: United Kingdom, Australian, New Zealands, Hong Kongs, Malaysians, Thailandians, Indonesians, Singapores and also Vietnams.

UnivoxCommunity is one of the online surveys for money that websites that accept UK. By becoming a member of Univox Community, your account will be credited automatically with 500 points that is worth $5 as a welcome bonus to the Univox community.
And every time you carry out an online survey, you will get reward points. Each 100 points equals to $1.00. With 2500 and above points in your account, you will be able to request for $25.00 cash payment or redeem them for e-gift cards. Univox currently offers its
members 3 ways to request their earnings:

Via Amazon e-gift card – opt to receive a $25 e-gift card

Via Virtual Visa Card – request a virtual visa rewards card which usually accepted at any online retail stores who accept Visa as payments option.
Through PayPal – receive a $25 real cash in your Paypal account directly.
Refer friends as well as family and also earn additional points
Every time you refer somebody to Univox Community, you will get 100 points equal to $1.00 per signup once they have made 10 online survey attempts or have fully completed their first online survey. You could refer up to five friends. is one of the Online surveys that help to influence brands and also organizations around the globe.
Redemption Information
You can request for money transfer to your local bank account or an Amazon gift cards once your account reaches a minimum balance of 1500 points which is worth £15.
For every online survey you complete with bonus point, you will get between 50p – £3. Whenever your account reaches 1500 points worth £15, you can be able redeem your balance for an Amazon card or money paid to your local bank account. Alternatively, you can receive tickets into the monthly prize-draws, which is a bonus for your online surveys completions effort.

Complete the profile surveys for simple points

There’re 4 profile online surveys that are available in SurveyBods members accounts dasboard, and the completion of each one of them is worth 50 points equal to 50p. Complete all four to get an easy 200 points equal to £2. These kinds of profilers will help to ensure that you will be provided with the most relevant online surveys possible while also decreasing your chances of getting disqualified.
Eligibility: UK residents only. And you must be aged 11-15 may have to join SurveyBods you’re your parental permission. is where you take online surveys in exchange for money. Get paid to your PayPal account whenever you have accumulated $15.00 USD balance and above. Payments are usually made within seventy-five hours of request. If you’re living outside the USA, you will still get paid paid to your PayPal account with US dollars.

Getting Notified for Surveys

You will receive e-mail notifications whenever full surveys for example biz surveys become available. These surveys will also be displayed in your Paidviewpoint account whenever they become available. Upon signing in, you will see a message in the top right corner of your account that reads, “1 survey available”.
Survey Lengths

The Survey lengths vary at time, but are usually between 5-10 minutes.
Daily Surveys

You can as well wait to be e-mailed about regular online surveys whenever they become available, however you can also take “Trait Surveys” and get between $0.03 and $0.10, most of the times. These Trait Surveys does not only serve to increase your earnings gradually, but also helps maximize your Traitscore. Understand that receiving trait surveys frequenly may depend on your location. is known gift card lovers den, as they offer dozens of gift cards options from many different retailers online including Amazon’s, Wal-Mart’s, iTunes’, Shell’s, TJ Maxx’s, and many more. VISA pre-paid cards are also made available.
Some gift cards are usually mailed to their members, while others are sent via e-mail in the form of an e-vouchers.

You receive Point for Disqualifications

MyView unlike some others offers a generous 100 points for each time a members tried surveys but are not to finish them because of disqualification.

Daily Surveys

Daily surveys are usually available to their members if they sign in to their accounts to look for surveys. Most of the online survey opportunities are usually e-mailed, but those wishing to take additional online surveys will find it beneficial to sign in directly into their accounts to look for available online surveys.
Eligibility: You must be 13 and above to join is a free community where members are rewarded with money for sharing their opinions in various kinds of online surveys about dozens of brand new as well as current topics and products. Known as a pioneer in the world of market research online, OpinionOutpost has been in existence for more than a decade!
Earn Great Rewards

PayPal payments – with only 100 points equal to worth $10/£5, you can ask for a PayPal payment to be made to your account. Both verified and also unverified PayPal accounts can qualify for payment.

Amazon Gift Cards– only 50 points equal to $5.00 is required to request an Amazon gift card.
iTunes gift cards – with 50 points equal to $5.00 sitting on your account, you can be able to request for iTunes gift card.
American Red Cross – OpinionOutpost has also partnered with the American Red Cross to offer you with a charitable option to donate your points to the Red Cross.
Stay tune, we shall always update you with the lists of online surveys for money companies that accept members from UK.
You may use the comment section down below if you have any questions concerning online surveys for money in UK.